HYUNDAI WIA consolidates ESG management... Transforming two schools into 'HYUNDAI WIA Green School'


UIWANG R&D Center, June 8, 2021 - HYUNDAI WIA started to strengthen ESG management by creating mini forests within two elementary schools for students to breathe cleaner air.

This year, HYUNDAI transformed Hanguk Seongjin School in Ansan-si and Busung Elementary School in Seosan-si into green schools. 'HYUNDAI WIA Green School', representative CSR program, started last year by turning Namyang Elementary School in Changwon-si and Deokseong Elementary School in Uiwang-si into eco-friendly schools. The company plants trees around the school district to improve both the environment and children's welfare.

HYUNDAI WIA created 'rare plant garden', 'greenhouse garden' and 'pocket garden' in 600 square meter space at Hanguk Seongjin School. In 'rare plant garden', domestic plants designated by the National Institute of Ecology, such as Russian iris, thyme, and dragonhead, were planted. The garden aroused students' interest and offered a better glimpse of biodiversity. 'Greenhouse garden' allows students to grow plants and decorate the garden. As the nation's first special education institution for the mentally challenged, the green area in Hanguk Seongjin School is built in barrier-free design for all types of wheelchairs.

Collaborating with accredited environment educational institutions, HYUNDAI WIA organized education programs. The curriculum teaches students the importance of the environment and living creatures. In the 'Career Counsel' and 'Creative Activity' classes of Hanguk Seongjin School, a newly organized program will be adapted.

In Seosan Busung Elementary School, HYUNDAI WIA created an 'aquatic botanical garden' at an empty property by the schoolyard. Students can experience the splendors of the aquatic environment by looking at rare water plants.

HYUNDAI WIA also donated one hundred air purifiers to the local children's center at Gyeonggi Province and Gwangju Metropolitan City, nearby corporate's domestic plants. The installation of air purifiers allows children to stay healthy by breathing clean air.

HYUNDAI WIA will expand 'HYUNDAI WIA Green School' to maintain the eco-system and provide fresh air. "Small things lead to big changes. To make Earth a place where all living things lead a healthy life, we'll do our best to conduct various ESG programs", said an official of HYUNDAI WIA.


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