HYUNDAI WIA – HANYANG University agrees on the joint development of a next-generation ‘Block Coil Motor’


HYUNDAI WIA will work with Hanyang University to commercialize the next-generation motor.

On Feb 22, HYUNDAI WIA and Hanyang University have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to conduct block coil applied motor business at Hanyang University, located in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. HYUNDAI WIA opened ‘HYUNDAI WIA i-Motor lab’ on the campus to develop research capability and train technical professionals. Based on Hanyang University’s knowledge asset in block coil motor, HYUNDAI WIA plans to co-develop and manufacture a robot's driving system.

Block coil motor, developed by HYUNDAI WIA and Hanyang University, is called the next generation motor. As structural problem of steel rings stacks with copper coils positioned in the gap between the stator lamination and rotor magnets been resolved. Block coil motor successfully replaced the winding process in air-core winding form and removed the slot by combining them in a blocked structure. Block coil motor, developed by the electrical engineering research team at Hanyang University led by Professor Lee Joo, won the 2019 Hanyang University Technology Innovation award and exhibited at ‘Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020’.

Improved performance is a key feature of the co-developed block coil motor. Commercialized motor products had limits in maximum output due to restricted material usage and specified structure. Whereas slotless motors have relatively higher output, improving the low output per unit weight of the previous products. Block coil motor is able to produce the same output even though it is 16% smaller than a conventional motor, resulting in the production of sophisticated products. Furthermore, with the same size, the block coil motor applied robot's payload is 40% higher than the conventional motor. The technology also significantly reduces noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and improves responsiveness.

Along with commercializing block coil motors with the maximum output of 10kW, HYUNDAI WIA and Hanyang University aim to produce motors with different output ranges. In the future, the products will be applied to products undergoing development such as the collaborative robot, AGV, AMR. The product will be further applied to e-TVTC and an integrated thermal management system. The favorable structure allows the high precision slotless motor to be used as the common part. HYUNDAI WIA aims to lift the capability of the product to a first-class level.

Starting from this latest motor technology, HYUNDAI WIA plans to gain competitiveness in future mobility and robot business. “We are delighted to be partnering with Hanyang University in the development of the game-changing motor.” “Rather than focusing on the technical development, we’ll strive to commercialize products applied to various products to anchor the new futuristic automotive and robot value chain,” said an official of HYUNDAI WIA.


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