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Safety Management


HYUNDAI WIA believes that protecting the safety of its workers is essential element of corporate competitiveness and basic corporate social responsibility.

As such, we have put our priorities on protecting our workers and those of our partner companies from various disasters. We have acquired ISO14001 and ISO45001 certifications to achieve advanced and scientific HSE management, in addition to applying our HSE management system on all places of business including our overseas corporation to establish a clean and safe working environment.

Vision and Goals


A Collaboration for a Happier Future

Safety is the First Step for a Better Future



Innovation Tasks

  • Strengthening Environmental Risk Prevention System

    • Establishing a Preemptive Prevention and Response Systems
    • Securing Emergency Golden Time
    • Establishing Facility Safety Standard Models
  • Improving Expert Capabilities for Autonomous Safety Management

    • Enhancing On-Site Safety Support System
    • Improving Effectiveness of Worker Safety Capabilities
    • Establishing Standard Safety Management Systems
  • Establishing Responsible Safety Culture through Evaluation Systems

    • Diagnosing and Improving Safety Management Execution
    • Strengthening Punishment and Reward System to Enhance Compliance
    • Partner company safety management as rigorous as parent company
  • Establishing Safety Culture through Communication and Collaboration

    • On-Site Safety Culture Movement
    • Establishing Participatory Safety Training Network
    • Expanding Contents and Services for Enhancing Safety Culture

Mid-to-Long-Term Roadmap

image image

Safety Environment Program

  • image

    Safety-First Management

  • image

    Improving Safety Awareness

  • image

    Strenthening Response to Safety Incidents


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