HYUNDAI WIA begins construction of thermal management test center … Making a full-fledged Integrated Thermal Management System business


HYUNDAI WIA will start the thermal management system business as it breaks ground for the thermal management test center.

On November 10th HYUNDAI WIA announced the construction of a ‘thermal management test center’ at Uiwang R&D Center in Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Integrated Thermal Management System(ITMS), which controls the entire eco-friendly vehicle, will be studied in this center. Whereas exhausted heat from the engine is reused in combustion vehicle, EV produces very little heat, which requires independent thermal management equipment.

The one-floor building center will cover 6069㎡ of the HYUNDAI WIA UIWANG R&D Center site. From ground break to completion will be completed by June 2023. HYUNDAI WIA decided to build the thermal management test center to make a rapid response to the fast-changing mobility industry based on eco-friendly vehicles. HYUNDAI WIA will conduct intense research on ITMS in this building. The building can host performance development and durability test for each module, system, and vehicle type.  

HYUNDAI WIA plans to focus on development capacity based on this test center. First of all, HYUNDAI WIA will lead the advanced development of the ‘‘Integrated Coolant Distribution·Supply Module’, which has been developed and will undergo mass production soon. Furthermore, combining coolant and refrigerant will significantly maximize the vehicle’s inner space and improve electricity efficiency. HYUNDAI WIA targets to reveal ITMS incorporating indoor air conditioning function by 2025.

With the establishment of a thermal management test center, HYUNDAI WIA plans to grow into a global auto parts manufacturer in the future eco-friendly vehicle market. “The entire divisions in the company are devoting all the capability to enter the ITMS market. We shall develop a product that will improve both the electricity efficiency and performance of eco-friendly vehicles”, said an official of HYUNDAI WIA.


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