Social Contribution


Introducing CSR


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A Partner Making a Happier World
Seeking Coexistence of Interested Parties and Social Innovation
Happy Today, Dream Tomorrow
Sharing happiness with the community and opening a brighter future

4 DREAM Program

  • TRUE Dream
  • EDU Dream
  • FUN Dream
  • SOCIAL Dream

External Factor Changing CSR Paradigm

Internal Factor New growth engine required

  1. Phase 1: Establish Strategy and System Develop programs and improve policies
  2. Phase 2 : Advance Programs Establish integrated CSR system
  3. Phase 3 : Generate Social Innovation Seek mutual growth and shared values with interested parties

Strategic Objective

With its corporate social responsibility activities using its resources, manpower, and technical capabilities, HYUNDAI WIA is contributing to the generation of social innovation. Based on its CSR system based on its business characteristics, HYUNDAI WIA is conducting a systematic series of activities including communication with Korean and foreign local communities, mutual growth with interested parties, preemptive response to social risks, and securing future growth engines through innovation.

  • Communication Among Interested Parties 

    Improve Corporate Image and Maximize Contribution to Local Communities

  • Strengthen Integrated Synergy 

    Mutual Growth and Share Value Generation with Interested Parties

  • Manage Risks 

    Establish Management Systems in Safety, Environment, Labor, and Culture

  • Generate Social Innovation 

    Secure Future Growth Engines in Consideration of Social Impacts


Major Activities

  • Expand the Value of Shares

    Employees and executives at HYUNDAI WIA communicates with local communities through various CSR programs. With dedicated minds of individuals, HYUNDAI WIA creates bigger values and dreams.

  • Foundation of Expanding Educational Capabilities

    Korea can nurture the best technical capabilities in the world by fostering the children. HYUNDAI WIA actively supports the dreams of youths who want to become engineers.

  • A Friend for All of Us

    HYUNDAI WIA seeks to be a good friend to the neighbors. Helping each other in need and celebrating together in joy, HYUNDAI WIA works together with local communities.

  • Giving Life to Cities

    HYUNDAI WIA works to provide better environments and futures to the local communities by providing safety facilities to places that lack transportation infrastructure and repairing facilities in areas with degraded housing environments.


Expressing the company's CSR philosophy, "World Moving Together" has the following meanings.


  • Together

    Emphasizing the partnership that forms harmony with the society with a global citizen's philosophy of action

  • Moving

    Expressing commitment to development-oriented and continuous change while reflecting the characteristics of Hyundai Motors Group

  • World

    Aiming toward society-wide dissemination of CSR philosophy and global expansion of the beneficiaries for such activities.


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