Social Contribution


Introducing CSR


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A Partner Making a Happier World
Seeking Coexistence of Interested Parties and Social Innovation
Happy Today, Dream Tomorrow
Sharing happiness with the community and opening a brighter future

4 DREAM Program

  • TRUE Dream
  • EDU Dream
  • FUN Dream
  • SOCIAL Dream

External Factor Changing CSR Paradigm

Internal Factor New growth engine required

  1. Phase 1: Establish Strategy and System Develop programs and improve policies
  2. Phase 2 : Advance Programs Establish integrated CSR system
  3. Phase 3 : Generate Social Innovation Seek mutual growth and shared values with interested parties

Strategic Objective

With its corporate social responsibility activities using its resources, manpower, and technical capabilities, HYUNDAI WIA is contributing to the generation of social innovation. Based on systematic series of CSR activities, HYUNDAI WIA is conducting series of activities including communication with Korean and foreign local communities, mutual growth with stakeholders, preemptive response to social risks, and innovation to secure future growth engines.

  • 2017

    Completed revision of strategies and systems set in place

    Developed major programs and improved systematic measures

  • 2021

    Create social innovation

    Address social issues and promote growth of stakeholders

  • 2023

    Social contribution

    Pursue mutual growth of company and society

  • Stakeholder Communication 

    Improve Corporate Image and Maximize Contribution to Local Communities

  • Strengthen Integrated Synergy 

    Mutual Growth and Creating Shared Value with Stakeholders

  • Manage Risks 

    Establish Management Systems in Safety, Environment, Labor, and Culture

  • Generate Social Innovation 

    Secure Future Growth Engines in Consideration of Social Impacts


Major Activities

  • Improve mobility for people who have difficulty moving and socially disadvantaged

    We support free mobility for all. We hope to create an environment where anyone can move freely to any destination and where those vulnerable on the road can overcome limitations of mobility anytime and anywhere. Through the EASY MOVE initiative, we offer a barrier-free life.

  • Enhance road and social safety

    Safety does not happen automatically. We need proper equipment and training to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our SAFE MOVE initiative guides you to have increased awareness about safety by providing relevant experiences and insights.

  • Carry out outreach programs with the participation of employees and customers

    We believe in the pleasure of sharing and dream of a blissful society where all people live in harmony. We hope to share our capabilities and resources with others and express our sincerity beyond the barrier of language and culture. Our HAPPY MOVE initiative helps as many people as possible experience the value of sharing and step forward into a better future.

  • Protect environment and respond to climate change

    Clean air and lush forests protect our health and our lives. Together, we can reduce fine dust, purify air, and revitalize soil in sterile conditions to grow sprouts. Our GREEN MOVE initiative makes Earth a place where all living things can lead a healthy life.

  • Conduct social contribution activities utilizing business capability

    We understand one-time outreach events of cultural exchange and technical education cannot change the world. Therefore, we will be consistent in sharing our know-hows step by step for sustainable living. Our NEXT MOVE initiative shares hope and brightens the future.

  • Support independence of socially disadvantaged and foster talent

    Everyday, we dream of a brighter future. To make a better tomorrow, we support and empower younger generation around the world to fulfil their potential and lead the future. Our DREAM MOVE initiatives will be by your side as you work to realize your dream.


Expressing the company's CSR philosophy, "Moving the World Together" has the following meanings.


  • Moving

    Expressing commitment to development-oriented and continuous change while reflecting the characteristics of Hyundai Motors Group

  • World

    Aiming toward society-wide dissemination of CSR philosophy and global expansion of the beneficiaries for such activities.

  • Together

    Emphasizing the partnership that forms harmony with the society with a global citizen's philosophy of action


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