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Ethical Management


HYUNDAI WIA aims to play a model role as a corporate citizen through ethical management.

HYUNDAI WIA is focusing on its staff to engage in ethical thinking while practicing the values to instill them in the corporate culture. We are making an effort to become a globally ethical company.

Ethical Management 3C

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Ethical Management Operational System

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Code of Ethics

Ethics Charter

The employees of HYUNDAI WIA are proud to be members of an organization which has grown based on the expectations and interests of the nation to become Korea’s exclusive manufacturer of automobile and machinery components. Thus, we will endeavor to improve the competitiveness level of our nation’s key industries of automobile and machinery components to be at globally competitive levels and so lead national economic growth in the 21st century. Hence, we have renewed our ethics guide and, in order to benchmark our behaviors and valuations, hereby enact and proclaim the ethics charter.

1. Transparent business  
  • Accounting records and other finance management should be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and generally follow a certified accounting principle so that there is accurate and transparent recording and management, based on absolute facts.
  • We should not give or take bribes and others (cash, check, stock, gift card, membership card, air ticket, etc) from cooperating companies and related personnel in any case.
  • We should not get any feasts and discounts in any case.
  • We should not do any bets (golf, Korean card, poker, etc) with staffs of cooperating companies.
  • We must use a cafeteria for any meals with staffs of cooperating companies as possible, and must keep it in the range of a social common idea for meals outside inevitably.
  • We should not do any types of request, pressure pushing, and private request to the cooperating companies.
2. Win-win cooperation  
  • Fair and legal procedures should be followed at all times in carrying out duties for all business matters.
  • Superior authority and predominant status should not be abused for any wrongful or illegal acts.
  • A program supporting subcontractors is to be in place and through its systematic operation there shall be competitiveness achieved for the subcontractor.
  • Fair and transparent business shall create the highest value, maintaining a mutually beneficial collaboration relationship with the subcontractor.
  • Pursue cooperative commerce based on mutual trust and respect with the subcontractor.
3. Environmental management  
  • In process of developing and producing products, it should manage strongly not to use or to include any environmental hazards that affect human health.
  • Toxic compounds (four types of heavy metals, etc) that are inhibited by legal or international common idea should not be used or overlooked its usage.
  • We strive to comply the environmental standard set by HYUNDAI WIA.
  • Through out all processes including developing, producing, selling, using, and disposing products, we strive to use a pertinent resource and energy and to reduce contaminants.
  • We strongly support the environmental training for staffs and the environmental management for cooperating companies.
4. Quality management  
  • Establishment of the Hyundai Wia Quality System through the early settlement of the system as well as putting in place a responsible production quality system.
  • New car components and new product advanced development standards should be strictly complied with in order to establish an advanced development standard, based on improvements on VDS type quality issues.
  • The GQ-250 shall be accomplished at all costs.
  • Reinforce training for quality awareness and quality standards.
5. Information Security 
  • Any information obtained related to work shall not be used for personal gain.
  • Information obtained from the company·client·subcontractor shall not be voluntarily divulged to a third party.
  • It is prohibited for any information pertaining to the client and subcontractors to be arbitrarily distorted or to disseminate false information and conduct unauthorized damage to data.
  • Strengthen security measures and management control for the company’s information security.
  • Practice information security as part of one’s daily routine.
6. Social Responsibility 
  • We strive to fulfill the social responsibility with the company and citizen spirit.
  • We always give dream and hope to poor neighbors, and strive to achieve the society that can sustain continuously with the citizen.
  • We respect the dignity and the happy right of human, and refuse child labor and compulsory labor and strongly exclude sexual attack with complying a principal of the equality for men and women.
  • We work hard to respond immediately to the social request of the world.

Ethical management education (2022)

Ethical management education
Classification No.of trainees Hours of training
Ethics Education 1,890 945
Security Education 1,760 880
Sexual Harassment Education 3,062 3,062
Total 6,712 4,887


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