HYUNDAI WIA helps car accident victims' families


UIWANG, September 1, 2021 - HYUNDAI WIA and Korea Transportation Safety Authority jointly held a donation ceremony to help the bereaved family in car accidents.

The ceremony, conducted on August 31st, was held at the headquarter of HYUNDAI WIA, located in Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongnam. On the ceremony day, HYUNDAI WIA dedicated KRW 55,500,000 to Hope Vora Inc through Korea Transportation Safety Authority. Hope Vora Inc will spend the fund to help bereaved children who lost their parents in a road accident to stand on their own.

HYUNDAI WIA and employees have successfully raised donation funds by conducting a 'Walk with Employees' campaign from April to June. The mission was to improve health and engage employees to achieve managerial objectives. Employees participated in running, walking, and cycling to reach the added distance of 555,000km. HYUNDAI WIA employees were on the fast track to meet the target and donated a total of KRW 55,500,000(KRW 100 /1km) as a commemoration.

As an auto parts manufacturer, HYUNDAI WIA decided to donate the funds to families of car accident victims. In particular, children disqualified for government matching aid proposals by being unable to make payments into 'independence savings account' will receive the donation. HYUNDAI WIA plans to persist in supporting children to reach financial independence as a grown-up with the sponsorship funds and government's matching subsidy.

HYUNDAI WIA plans to diversify events to promote road safety and help victims of car accidents. "It means a lot for us to make donations raised by all our employees. As an auto parts manufacturer, we'd persist in providing a safe mobility experience for all and helping the bereaved", said an official of HYUNDAI WIA.

On the other hand, HYUNDAI WIA is executing strategic CSR activities in the following four areas. ▲ Climate (preservation of environment and correspondence to climate change) ▲ Mobility (improvement of mobility for socially disadvantaged) ▲ Safety (enhancement of road and social safety) ▲ Commitment (participation of employees and customers in volunteers).


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