HYUNDAI WIA participates in ADEX 2021… Unveils UAM core part, ‘E-TAXIING’


On October 19, HYUNDAI WIA participated in 'Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX) 2021', held at Seoul Air Base in Seongnam, Gyeonggi. HYUNDAI WIA presented a vast array of newly developed ground·aviation·naval weapon systems including taxiing and electric actuator for UAM, ‘60mm handheld mortar(commando mortar)’, medium and large caliber cannon were on display. Seoul ADEX 2021, the nation’s largest exhibition in the defense industry, will be held from October 19 to 23. HYUNDAI WIA joined other Hyundai Motor Group affiliates, KIA and HYUNDAI ROTEM to form the HMG exhibition hall.

For the first time, HYUNDAI WIA unveiled ‘E-Taxiing’ to the public. E-Taxiing is an upgraded version of previously manufactured plane landing gears. It is the core part of UAM vehicles that helps successful taxiing after the landing process.

Unlike the previously developed landing gears, HYUNDAI WIA adapted an electric mortor. The installation of an electric motor and related parts inside the wheel was iconic. Previously, parts such as the rotor and propeller had to supply power. However, 'e-taxiing' works itself with an independent operating motor. This minimized noise, maximized passenger convenience and safety when taxiing. Furthermore, it is eco-friendlier since carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide are barely released from the engine during the ground taxiing process.

“E-Taxiing, the next-generation landing gear, has been successfully developed based on accumulated know-hows manufacturing landing gears”, “installment of electric motor reduced the number of core parts and noise problem, which is a suitable solution to the urban environment”, said a member of HYUNDAI WIA.

HYUNDAI WIA also presented 60mm mortar, which is still under development process. 60mm mortar is a 7.5kg light-weighted and compact, so it has the advantage to be carried by hand. Due to its portability and rapid deployment rate, it is called ‘60mm Handheld Mortar (Commando Mortar)’. HYUNDAI WIA drastically decreased the new 60mmm mortar’s weight while maintaining the previous model’s range.

81mm Mortar -Ⅱ is also on display. The product is the most widely used mortar for infantry battalions with greater range and a high sustained rate of deployement. Lightening the weight of the mortar greatly enhanced mobile power too. Advanced materials such as aluminum alloy forged steel and titanium were used to manufacture parts for gun barrels including baseplate, mortar mount. The weight has been reduced by 20% and the implementation of the ‘automatic observation’ function to aim the target increased accuracy. Furthermore, HYUNDAI WIA presented naval defense products, 76mm naval gun. Visitors can experience the splendor of medium and large cannon by looking at the exhibited actual gun barrel.  

HYUNDAI WIA plans to expand global business by actively developing and exporting the products displayed in Seoul ADEX 2021. “We are proud to unveil diverse products including previously recognized medium and large sized artilleries and newly developed UAM’s core parts, ‘60mm Handheld Mortar (Commando Mortar)’. With continued technical development, we’re determined to contribute to promoting overseas export and strengthening nation’s defense” said a member of HYUNDAI WIA.


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