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1. Agreement with website policy

After receiving this notification, all users using services offered by the homepage of Hyundai Wia Company (hereinafter referred to as 'Hyundai Wia') shall be regarded as having given their agreement to this notification.

Hyundai Wia has the right and authority to amend the details and use conditions specified in this notification without notice in an appropriate manner based on commonly accepted trends of the internet industry. For this reason, if you have any inquiry or suggestion about Hyundai Wia or any of our services or products, please contact us on the following number.

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2. Description about Hyundai Motor Group

Each company within Hyundai Motor Group is an individual, independent company. Hyundai Motor Group is not a company but refers to a gathering of independent companies that share historical homogeneity. Therefore, please be cautious not to confuse companies due to the term ‘Hyundai Motor Group’.

Especially, a company within Hyundai Motor Group cannot be substituted for another for the fulfillment of services or duties, and no company in Hyundai Motor Group is legally responsible for the other, unless confirmed in writing.

This website is provided for customers’ convenience and offers no basis to extend a lawsuit to other companies within Hyundai Motor Group or to consolidate such companies.

3. Copyright

Hyundai Wia's homepage is an information asset run by Hyundai Wia. Hyundai Wia owns all the rights for the information. The information presented by Hyundai Wia in this website is only for customer convenience, and does not grant the copyright and intellectual property right of such information to the user.

All services, data and information provided in the Hyundai Wia's homepage are non-commercial, and provided only for personal use. Thus you may not use services, data and information provided by the website, including letters, pictures, audio, video, downloads, links and source codes, (hereinafter referred to as 'Information') for any purpose not approved by Hyundai Motor Group, including commercial purposes in any method including downloads, corrections, and distribution.

4. Trademark right

Hyundai Wia's trademarks and logos included in this website, such as '현대위아', '현대위아 주식회사' and 'Hyundai Wia Company', are the registered or applied trademark of Hyundai Wia. Hyundai Wia has the right for such registered trademarks, and presenting them on this site does not grant the user the right of using them. Please note that you may be legally punished if you use such trademarks without prior approval.

5. Limitation of liability

Hyundai Wia does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and credibility of information on this site or other related sites and other information. Unless particularly advised by Hyundai Wia in writing, you must not depend on the information included on this site as references in the process of making decisions related to the interest of customers.

The information has been provided based on facts by Hyundai Wia. Hyundai Wia does not provide any unlimited guarantee for the purpose of sales of services or data or any explicit or implicit guarantee including conformance for specified purposes. Hyundai Wia shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, punitive or unavoidable damage of any kind related to the information on this site.

6. Responsibility on links

Hyundai Wia provides links to other sites. Hyundai Wia strives to provide only the links that meet its own high standard and stringent standard for personal information. However, Hyundai Wia advises that the contents or privacy policy of the linked sites have no relationship with Hyundai Wia's site.


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