HYUNDAI WIA is committed to deeply thinking about the sustainable future and continuing clear communication.

2023 HYUNDAI WIA Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report Download

HYUNDAI WIA presents its sustainability report in 2023 to disclose its economic, social and environmental performance to stakeholders. Stakeholders have participated in the materiality assessment in order for their opinions to be gathered and key issues to be selected for the report. This issue of the sustainability report contains all relevant endeavors and achievements. HYUNDAI WIA will continue to publish annual sustainability reports to demonstrate our sustainability values and vision for future growth.


Sustainability Report by Year

  • 2022 HYUNDAI WIA Sustainability Report

  • 2021 HYUNDAI WIA Sustainability Report

  • 2020 HYUNDAI WIA Sustainability Report

Supplier Code of Conduct

With the recent convergence of technology, from electrification and digitization to the proliferation of mobility services, cutting-edge innovation is bringing a paradigm shift to the automobile industry. HYUNDAI WIA is adapting to this by establishing a sustainable supply chain. To this end, we have defined a Supplier Code of Conduct which requests that our suppliers comply with the rules and regulations applicable to corporate management, as well as adopt the best practices concerning ethics, the environment, labor/human rights, safety/health, and management systems. We hope our suppliers abide by this Supplier Code of Conduct to contribute to shared growth and become a company respected by society.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct


Ethics Charter & Code of Conduct

HYUNDAI WIA aims to be a global company that contributes to humanity’s dreams with creative thinking and a relentless dive to overcome challenges. As the practice of ethical management is the keystone of such a goal, HYUNDAI WIA has amended its Ethics Charter and Code of Conduct to become a reliable partner for diverse stakeholders and increase value for our customers. All members of HYUNDAI WIA should comply with this Ethics Charter and Code of Conduct.

  • Ethics Charter & Code of Conduct


Human Rights Charter

In order to have HYUNDAI WIA proactively support human rights, prevent human rights violations following the operation of the business simultaneously and moderate pertinent risk, HYUNDAI WIA hereby proclaims the Charter for Human Rights. For human rights management, HYUNDAI WIA is committed to complying with a wide range of recognized human rights/labor-related international standards and guidelines, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and International Labor Organization Constitution and OECD Due Diligence Guidance for responsible Business Conduct, among others.

  • Human Rights Charter


Environmental Policy

Hyundai Wia enacts this environmental policy to continuously improve its environmental performance through eco-friendly management and at the same time minimize negative environmental impacts throughout its business activities and value chain.

  • Environmental Policy


HYUNDAI WIA’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality by 2045

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Diversity Policy

HYUNDAI WIA established the D&I policy to contribute to the transition to an inclusive society by creating an organizational culture where diverse talents can have creative and challenging thinking. We do not discriminate against executives and employees based on gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, cultural background, disability, age, personal gender identity, political/religious beliefs, or social status without reasonable grounds. We promise to create working conditions that can realize the value of diversity and inclusion. In addition, we will strive to become a company that respects the diversity and inclusion of customers, partners, local communities, and various stakeholders.

  • Diversity Policy


Responsible Mineral Purchasing Policy

HYUNDAI WIA is committed to taking responsibility as a global corporate for a sustainable future by actively participating in the prohibition of conflicting mineral usage and responsible mineral sourcing. Establishing responsible supply-chain management system and engaging partners to participate in this movement is the key to minimize human rights violation and environmental destruction.

  • Responsible Mineral Purchasing Policy



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