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Cyber Audit Office



Greetings, everyone. This is the cyber audit office of HYUNDAI WIA.

HYUNDAI WIA employees are pursuing customer and employee satisfaction along with the vision of opening the future of Human Mechatronics.
We await your valuable report for a transparent and fair management settlement.


In accordance with our CP operation regulations and employee ethics regulations, related consultations and reports may be reported anonymously or under an alias.
It is operated as an access method (third-party nondisclosure) and is accessible rightly to anyone anywhere.
The following matters are subject to reporting to help the company develop.

Subject to report

  • Irrationality, corruption, and an act of social criticism of employees (bribery, unfair demands or provision, etc.)
  • Misuse of employees, acts of solicitation, and acts that harm the healthy corporate culture.
  • Suggestions for the improvements of irrational practices.
  • Other matters that violate the code of ethics.
  • The notification of the processing results is replaced by posting it on this website without a separate written reply procedure.
  • Do not deal with personal privacy issues.
  • Confidentiality of the real name reporter is absolutely guaranteed and tracking of the reporter’s identity is prohibited.
    You can report anonymously, but if the contact information is unclear, we don’t accept reports.

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Protecting the informant

We will not disclose any information about the informant without his or her consent, and for disadvantages caused by failure to comply with this, we will restore the original state and take responsibility corresponding thereto.

Protection policy

The informant and the contents of the report are strictly handled as external secrets within the cyber audit office, and the report system is protected by a safe security system. In addition, the information officer is operated by a limited number of people who have pledged to strictly observe the confidentiality of the information.
In case of violation of assurance of informant identity and confidentiality, the person concerned will be punished according to company regulations.
If it is recognized that the unfavorable disposition or punishment to the informant is caused by the report, restoration to the original state or equivalent compensation measures will be carried out.
If you report corruption related to yourself, it will be handled reasonably through sufficient extenuating circumstances.

e protection for informants is as follows :

  • image

    Identity of informant

  • image

    Evidence presented by the informant or collected information related to the report

  • image

    Person who may imply the suspect

  • image

    Post management for the results after the report, etc.


Privacy notice – use of personal information

Items of collected personal information
The company collects the following personal information :
[reporting, informant information]
Name, password, e-mail address, contact (phone number of mobile phone number)

Purpose of collection and use of personal information
The company collects personal information through its website (receiving inquiries, applying for field trips, and reporting in the cyber audit office) and uses it for customer counseling and visiting management (identifying oneself and confirming one’s intention, etc.).
The company collects personal information for the following purposes.
- Identification and confirmation of intention during factory tours, etc.
- Communication of notices, securing smooth communication channels, etc.
- Identification of the informant and delivery of measures, etc.
The company has prepared a procedure to click the 「agree」 or 「disagree」 button about the contents of the company’s personal information processing policy or usage terms, and if you click the 「agree」 button, it is considered that you have agreed to personal information collection.

We do not collect sensitive personal information that may violate the basic human rights of users.

Retention and usage period of personal information
The company processes and retains personal information under the ordinance and the period of retention or use of personal information agreed by the subject upon when collecting personal information, and destroys the information without delay after the purpose of use is achieved. The processing and retention period of personal information is as follows.
- Receipt of inquiries and reports/mentioned information applying for a factory tour: 1 year
- Until the end of the investigation if investigations are in progress due to violation of related laws.

Notwithstanding the above retention period, if it is necessary to keep it, we will obtain the consent of the user. However, if it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the stipulation of the relevant ordinances, the company may keep personal information as prescribed by the relevant ordinances. In addition, if you apply for a job, the retention period may vary depending on the contents that are notified separately and agreed upon at the time of application.

Consent to provide personal information to a third party

Other purpose usage and provision to third parties
The company shall use the user’s personal information within the scope notified in <Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information> and shall not use it beyond the same scope or provide it to others or other companies or institutions. However, exceptions are made in the following cases.
- When there is a request from the relevant agency for the purpose of investigation in accordance with the relevant ordinance.
- In the case of a specific individual is processed and provided in an unidentifiable form for statistical preparation/academic research or market research.
- In case the prior consent of the information subject is obtained.
- In case of request in accordance with the procedures stipulated by other relevant ordinances.

Consignment processing of personal information
The company does not entrust the handling of the user’s personal information to an external company without the user’s prior consent.
However, if the user’s personal information is entrusted to the outside for service improvement and user convenience, the user is notified in advance and prior consent is obtained if necessary.

In the case of entrusting the processing of personal information, we will clearly define the service provider’s strict adherence to personal information protection instructions, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of provision to a third party, and liability in case of an accident through a consignment contract and keep the contract in writing or electronically.

Details of the report

The processing results of the information you reported will be notified by phone call or through the cyber audit office (check the report processing results), and it will take about 7-10 days to confirm.
The verification code will be sent to the e-mail you entered at the time of reporting, and you can inquire the processing result by entering the verification code.

Details of the report

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The contents of the report*

Attached file

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* This is a required field.

Reporter Information

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Anonymity (Check if you report anonymously)

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@ The verification code will be sent to the e-mail you entered. (Enter the verification code when checking the report result)

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