HYUNDAI WIA selects Wolgok Middle School as ‘Green School’ … Created school forest with the local community


HYUNDAI WIA constructed a garden on campus for students to connect with nature and breathe in fresh air.

On October 10th, HYUNDAI WIA announced the selection of Wolgok Middle School in Gwangju Metropolitan City as ‘HYUNDAI WIA Green School’ and created a forest on the school site. ‘HYUNDAI WIA Green School’ is a program that helps students grow in nature by planting trees and flowers to create a forest. HYUNDAI WIA has launched its ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) program and this is the sixth green school project as a part of the program. HYUNDAI WIA has signed a business agreement contract with ‘Ecobuddy Institute’ and ‘Gwangju Metropolitan City Office of Education’ to proceed with this green school program.

HYUNDAI WIA built a 990㎡ school forest along the inner perimeter of Wolgok Middle School. Over 460 trees and 3,600 flowers were planted in the area. In particular, HYUNDAI WIA planted 40 species of plants and flowers, including endangered wildlife such as buckbeans, water hemlocks, etc. It gave an opportunity for students to realize the importance of preserving biodiversity by caring for the endangered species by themselves.

HYUNDAI WIA transformed a previously barren area into a rest area with shaded tree spots and long benches for students and residents to enjoy. In addition, the multi-layer planting method was implemented to plant multiple high-carbon absorption trees and flowers for many people to breathe comfortably.

HYUNDAI WIA added meaning to the event by working with Wolgok Middle School members and residents from the planning stage. The ‘School Forrest Committee’ consisting of students, teachers, parents, and local community members participated in the entire process. The members collectively made decisions about the location, type of trees to plant, and the procedures for maintaining the school forest. HYUNDAI WIA also donated an ‘Online Page for School Forest’s Biodiversity Record’ so that School Forrest Committee members can observe and record the biological growth after the completion of construction. Furthermore, the company will persist in supporting activities of the School Forest Committee, such as environmental education programs. HYUNDAI WIA plans to continue creating forests by engaging the School Forest Committee for school and local community members to participate in the coming green school project.

The company plans to increase the number of 'HYUNDAI WIA Green Schools' to provide students with clean air for healthy growth. “I am glad that school forest built through HYUNDAI WIA Green School has created a local mini-ecosystem and contributed to promoting biological diversity. HYUNDAI WIA will continue to support the activities to promote students’ growth and happiness with green schools,” said an official of HYUNDAI WIA.


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